About Us /

Adnet specializes in presenting your organization’s unique story to the world. After 15 years of creating corporate websites, we know the challenges and we know what makes a great site work. We know that you want control over your site’s content, so we provide user-friendly tools that allow you to make your own changes, disseminate updates and respond to user demands. We also know there are times when you need help, so our experienced, responsive team is on call, on your schedule, no matter what challenge you face.

Why Adnet?

1 Relationships

We’re over 15 years young and still growing. So you can count on us for the long haul. Yes, we design & develop great websites. But for us, that’s just the beginning. We know your web site needs to work as hard as you, 24/7. It must stay current, relevant and responsive. That’s why we look on our clients as partners. With our ongoing support and advice, our goal is to see your website evolve and grow along with your organization.


2 Service

We focus primarily on North American markets with customers world-wide. Our offices in Halifax and Vancouver provide crucial time-zone advantages for our clients coast-to-coast. For public companies, our Halifax office opens well before market trading hours, and our Vancouver office remains open well past market-close, which means our team is there for you when you need us. Especially when important developments require critical timing for news and website updates. We also make staff available outside our normal business hours for those news emergencies that every company faces.


3 Expertise

Go ahead. Ask us anything. Our team lives and breathes the internet. We thrive on collaboration and the exchange of ideas and information. We will always find ways to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. While our policy is to work with robust, proven solutions, we also embrace the industry’s rapid pace of change and innovation. The result is that you benefit from the best ideas and solutions the web world has to offer.

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Our People /

Our people are the heart and soul of our company. They hail from all over the world, but each shares an interest in providing our customers with the best service possible, and in helping our clients to achieve their online communication objectives.

We bring together talent, experience, and breadth of knowledge to serve our customers and resolve their issues in a timely manner. We operate coast-to-coast, with a cohort of people in the Maritimes that rise with the sun and make sure your website is ready for the trading day. Our west-coast staff are available to help you well into the evening once the market has closed.

Our programmers are current on the latest technologies, and pick the best of breed for your particular challenge. Not every technology matches every company, and their experience means you’ll only get the technology that makes sense for you.

Our designers are experienced in creating websites that are driven by frequent updates and maintainability. The knowledge of how a website operates as an integrated design system means that our designs live longer and give your a better ROI.

Our service staff specialize in keeping your website updated and in top-form. When you have something you need to do, lean on our expertise and take the stress off of yourself.


Our Services /

  • Custom website design and development catered to your unique story
  • Ongoing hosting, maintenance, and updates for your website
  • Website change logs retain history of website disclosures
  • Email services including webmail
  • Broadcast email dissemination supporting qualified email lists
  • A modern content management system (CMS) developed specifically with security and time-sensitivity in mind.
    • Website change logs track disclosure
    • WYSIWYG interface for easy editing
    • Email subscriptions/RSS feeds