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The mobile web can no longer be ignored. Find out what makes it unique and how our Qwiksuite platform leverages the tools of your desktop website for mobile audiences.

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An Emerging Trend

Mobile website use is increasing. These days, most people have a cellphone, and many have internet connected smartphones. However, just because a smartphone can view a website, does not mean that the website is usable/usefull to the mobile user.


People use websites differently on a mobile device, and it’s up to you to improve their experience if you want them to stick around. Keeping text brief, formatting the design to work on a small-screen display, and to have denser, easier to digest information than on the desktop version are all important steps.

Designing for Mobile

The ideal scenario might be that the mobile website is conceptualized and built from the ground up for a mobile audience. But that is costly, and means that every change needs to be done twice, perhaps even created differently for the mobile version and the desktop. The burden of this approach discounts it from all but the most flush marketing budgets.

The flexibility and power of Our Qwiksuite Platform gives Adnet a more cost effective option.

Our Solution

Our suggested approach builds upon the exisiting website framework within the content management system, and delivers a solid, functional mobile website that draws information from the desktop version, so you never have to worry about repeating yourself. — What's important on your website, is already on your mobile site.

Mobile Website Examples

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